A simple network of like-minded individuals all working together to change the course of history. See what the seven have to say below:

1.) Ryan @rycray

Throw me to the Wolves and I’ll return leading the pack. Onward and upward only.

2.) Kyle @kresmondo

Don’t worry about going left or right. This mindset will always take you up the middle.

3.) Breland @br3lvndxr

“Life presents us with obstacles and challenges on the daily, it’s what you do to those obstacles and how you face those challenges that defines you as a human.” #grindandshine

4.) CFN Lucci

Everyday has been a hustle, keep the change.

5.) Lee @lilwhodyson

7 mentality is the deliverance of my own redemption. Ephesians 1:7

6.) Glenn @realstoneranger

Seven letters: L•O•Y•A•L•T•Y. 7 has created a family atmosphere amongst Kings to rise to the top together not leaving anyone behind. Haven’t felt this bond since I left the Saints.

7.) Jay @artby_jay

You will always get whatever you want when you realize you are the one that has to get up and go get it. Stay clear of the fuck shit.